"You are worthy. You are capable. You are beautiful. Book the ticket. Write the book. Create the dream. Celebrate yourself. Rule your queendom." 

- Elyse Santilli

My boudoir photography brand, Velvet Rose, is all about making every woman believe and live by this quote.  Having boudoir portraits taken is the ultimate confidence boost and I feel like every woman should do it at least once in her life.  This is the time to show off what your momma gave you and have a blast doing it. You are gorgeous so let's capture your beautiful for you to see.

I offer boudoir events throughout the year and will work with you to personalize your session to your style.  Every boudie babe gets her makeup professionally done and has access to my exclusive client closet.  Pricing for these sessions varies depending on where the event is as well as if we offer hair services on top of makeup.  

To see more images of the boudoir I offer and to see upcoming events check out my private Facebook group : 

Velvet Rose Photography

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Danielle de St. Germain, Photographer


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