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Christmas photo sessions

Every year moms all around crave the perfect family Christmas photo to send out on cute Christmas cards and photographers oblige by coming up with sets and scenes and hosting "mini sessions."

For my mini session set this year I pictured in my head a beautiful living room scene outdoors - I thought of this back in like April. So all year I've been on the hunt for an old sofa and mantle. I finally found both but boy were they in dire need of some TLC.

Before settee

I don't have a picture of the bright pink mantle before 🤦.

After some sprucing up, we got each piece picture ready and pieced the whole set together--but not until the day before my minis were scheduled. 😬November really snuck up on me.

Thankfully I have some loyal customers who booked their minis without even seeing the set so my first weekend was booked fully.

After I had a few examples of pictures, the bookings flowed and I am still so thankful for everyone who used me as their Christmas portrait photographer. I loved every session and met some amazing clients.

To top it off, I got to surprise each and every family with a little Louisiana miracle.

After my set mini weekends were over, I still had some that wanted Christmas photos so we improvised and still managed to get the perfect little Christmas card photos.

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