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Couples Sessions: what to know & expect

A couple's session can be anything from engagements to anniversary photos to a formal bride and groom session or they can just be you and your S.O. wanting to have some fun getting professional pictures taken. It can be stressful preparing for photos so I want to share with you how to prepare, what you can expect during your session, and some tips I've picked up along the way.

First, let's talk wardrobe. Obviously if your session is formal bride and groom then your wardrobe is pretty set, but for the rest of you it can be tricky. The first thing you have to decide is how casual or non-casual you want your session. You can go jeans and sneaks or go long dress and suit or some where in between - all are great but it can change the feel of your session. My suggestion is to always be sure you're comfortable because if you're not it tends to show on camera.

Next thing for wardrobe is to be sure your colors coordinate but don't match exactly. You want to have a good contrast against your partner so that when you are snuggled in close it's not just one blob of color.

I'm always open to see photos of the outfits your thinking to help out. Styling is a big part of the session so I'm here for you.

Coordinated colors but not "matchy"

Now that we've gotten your wardrobe settled, let's find your perfect location. Do you want mossy oaks, downtown vibes, or a picture perfect park? There are so many locations in South Louisiana that make for gorgeous backdrops - we even have a beach! We can work together to pick your ideal spot. Your session includes travel from NOLA to Baton Rouge to the Northshore. If there is some kind of photographer's fee for your location, that is not included but sometimes it's worth the extra to get that magical spot.

If you're not into the public places, we can also do in your own home, in my home studio, or on my private property.

Next comes the actual session. This is the fun part!! For my sessions, I like to mix regular posed photos in with real interactions with you and your significant other. You are booking a couples session to celebrate your love for one another and I want to show that off. I want to capture your connection and make sure you can look back and see the love the two of you share. So be prepared to pose and smile, to be intimate, to be goofy, to be vulnerable, to be true to yourselves and how you are with each other.

I'll ask you to do things that sound off the wall and weird, but trust me there is a rhyme and reason and if you commit fully, your photos will be one of a kind and look beautiful!

We have such a blast during the session and we get some amazing images from it. Ones you will cherish forever. And the best part is you don't need a reason to have a session like this, just getting your love documented and having some fun while you do it!

If you're interested in booking a couples session just go to my Book A Session page or contact me directly.

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