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My motherhood journey

I am officially a mother of 3 and it has been an amazing journey. Before 2015 I was just a working wife that loved taking pictures of landscapes and odd shapes. Then I found out I was pregnant with our first child. We were so excited and couldn't wait to shout it from the roof tops and now-a-days that means posting it on every social media platform possible. So of course I took to Pinterest to find the cutest ways to tell everyone. I finally settled on the most adorable picture and I thought since I was a hobby photographer, it'd be fun to take our own photos. After a ton of trial and error and a whole lot of studying, I landed the photo I was happy with.

It seemed I had a knack for getting a good portrait so I enlisted my hubby to take my maternity photos and I edited them. (Oh how embarrassing they are looking back.)

Then my sweet baby girl was born and I ventured to take her newborns. Wow, was that ridiculously hard!

Never the less, I fell in love with all things portrait photography. I felt that I had an eye for capturing the spirit and soul of a person and I studied to get better and better.

A short year later, we were expecting our 2nd baby and I got to practice on our pregnancy and birth story again.

Somewhere in all of the practice and studying, I finally thought I was good enough to offer my services to others. And oh. my. goodness. I never thought I could enjoy a "job" so much. I am so very grateful to those who took at chance on me and saw that I had a talent.

Well, another 2 years later I just had my 3rd (and final) baby. And yet again I got to use us as guinea pigs. After 4 years of studying and practicing and honing my skills, I got to take maternity photos and newborn portraits that I'm over the moon with which is difficult since I hate my body. But I love them!

My journey has made me even more aware of how important professional photos are. You get to have a person with a creative and skillful eye capture an amazing time in your life. I know how truly awesome it is to have photos you can't stop looking at and I get to deliver that to my clients and families. You get to remember such a special moment in your life and remember how beautiful it all is for years to come.

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