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New Site, New Blog

deSaint Studios' website is officially live! I am so excited to start blogging and sharing this exciting photography adventure I'm on.

I want to share my journey with you - both in my photography and my life. I will post my sessions with clients, tips and tricks in taking your own photos, any news for deSaint Studios, and stories from my life as a mom, wife, full time professional, and photographer.

This blog is called "Life Captured." Every photo has a story to tell, and as a photographer I help to create moments and photograph them for you to always remember. Each of the portraits I take tell a story; they each have real emotion and capture a glimpse of what the subject felt at that exact moment.

The story can be as simple as someone thinking of the last funny joke they heard so I can capture a genuine smile or thinking about holding your little one for the first time. Or the story can be playing out right in front of everyone.

I want to capture your life's moments - big, small, and everything in between. They say pictures are worth a thousand words - I say pictures are priceless.

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