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Perfectly Planned Proposal

As many men would know, marriage proposals are a nerve racking thing. Usually they take weeks (or months) of planning and coordination to be able to surprise your significant other with something so huge. Some guys (& and I personally love these guys) take it a step further and want to document the entire ordeal and hire a photographer.

A friend of ours hired myself and my second shooter (my husband) to photograph him proposing to his girlfriend. Usually we can just blend into the crowd and pull out our equipment at the opportune time to capture the moment and no one would ever suspect a thing. This time was quite a bit different. As I mentioned this is a friend of ours -- the girlfriend knows very well that I'm a photographer. It would have looked mighty suspicious if I just would have happened to be there on their anniversary just hanging around.

So talk about nerve racking. We had to keep out of sight until the very moment he was ready to propose. But we managed to do it. And boy the planning was worth it! He planned an incredible day for her and ended it where they first met.

She watched a video he made for her on the dock by the river; he stood there waiting (she didn't know he was there).

When the video finished he walked down to meet her. They shared such a beautiful moment. Then he had to position her for the big moment. (It was pretty comical because we told him as he was talking to her he had to slowly turn her around so I could see her face when he got down on his knee.)

After she said yes, we took some sunset shots on the pier of just the two of them. I couldn't be more excited for these two!!

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