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The in-between moments

There are so many reasons I always recommend hiring a photographer to capture your family and big moments or even just yourself. You hire a photographer not only for their expertise but their vision and creativity. I work for hours on location scouting, lighting techniques, and posing before each session. It's all important and creates amazing images for my families and clients. There is something else a photographer will also be able to give you. I can capture the "in-between moments."

There are brief, split second moments between poses or while I'm "testing light" that I capture and memorialize forever. These are sometimes the most special photos of the entire session. They're filled with genuine emotion and a realism that sometimes can't be replicated.

I even help these types of shots along by giving my clients prompts to follow. It is a certain style of photography that I have fallen in love with. Prompts are meant to get a heartfelt reaction and they all look different depending on who is following my instructions.

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