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Unicorns & Magic

As you may know, this adventure started as a hobby and I am an artist at heart. That tends to get me into a bit of trouble sometimes. The vision in my head must come to life no matter the cost.

My niece is turning 8 this year and LOVES unicorns. She is having a unicorn party and like any aunt/photographer would want to do - I needed to get her a unicorn and photograph the moment. The problem was that to get a unicorn cost well over what I should be spending on an 8 year old's birthday present. But I still had to do it (I'm a very determined person when I get something in my head).

I got the idea to offer mini sessions to my other clients to make up the cost of the unicorn. After some interest I booked Smokey the unicorn to come to my parents home to pose for what I hoped to be magical portraits. I got to book over half of the unicorn's time which was amazing since I had no examples of what the pictures would look like. I'm so glad the moms had faith in me because seeing those little girls' faces light up next to a real live unicorn was priceless - although I still went into the hole a bit. Of course it wasn't just the unicorn cost, this photographer/DIYer had to make her own flower crowns, flower reigns, teepee backdrop with cascading flowers, and a lot of other things we didn't wind up using.

First up was Lilly and Regan. Absolutely adorable little girls that believed in the magic of the unicorn. Lilly had to be convinced there were fairies in Smokey's nose to get this close but she warmed up eventually.

Then there was this little beauty, Olivia. Her unicorn dress added just the right touch of whimsy to this sweet girl's look.

During some down time, we snuck in some shots of my niece and my daughter. Madison, my niece and birthday girl to be, had no clue what she was going to be taking pictures with. We made her close her eyes and when she opened them she was face to face with a beautiful white unicorn.

After her shock and awe was over, she posed for some magical shots with her obsession.

Then my little one, Roselynn, stepped in and being her goofy self I snapped some great moments between her and Smokey.

Finally, it was darling Delilah's turn. I have photographed this cutie patootie twice before this and she is a doll! Her energy and spunk makes her the star of the show next to Smokey.

I can't wait to have Smokey pose again for a special session. Hopefully we can have more little girls meet the rare and captivating unicorn.

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