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Valentine's Proposal Photo Session

One of the many highlights of this job is when I get a asked by someone to take photos of an upcoming proposal. There is not much more romantic than asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you. And planning ahead to catch that moment on camera is so sweet. It's such a whirlwind moment and so full of emotion, being able to go back and look at the exact moment she finally got to say "Yes!" is truly a gift.

Last year, Ben approached me about taking photos of his big moment around Valentine's Day. And of course, I couldn't wait. He planned a date night strolling through NOMA's Sculpture Garden in City Park. He wanted to propose right in front of the LOVE sculpture that's big and vibrant. Now every "proposer" I've worked with has had a different way they wanted to propose and a different way they wanted me to capture it. I've hidden my camera in a big purse before at a bar, I've hidden in the bushes, I've played family photographer. This time my 2nd photographer (my husband) acted like we were on a date taking random photos of the sculptures. We timed ourselves to be around the LOVE sculpture at the same time as Ben and Haleigh. Haleigh asked me to take a photo of them on her cell phone. I did and then Ben dropped down on one knee and asked his question while myself and my hubby snapped up every picture we could.

BTW, she said "YES!"


Afterwards, we did a quick little shoot of just the two of them.

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