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Welcome to the world, Emma

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Being a bump to baby photographer, I have many names: #.babywhisperer, #.professionalbabysnuggler, #.newbornartist. I absolutely love what I do! Right before Christmas (I know I'm behind on all my blogs), I had this little angel in my studio for her newborn portraits. Oh my gosh, she was a dream. Fair skin, strawberry blonde hair, and the most adorable expressions.

I love shooting babies on some type of neutral (white, cream, grey) so mom has a few timeless shots of baby. Then we accessorize baby to give variety.

I also shoot the same pose from multiple angles to show off baby's features.

Another favorite is to grab little detail shots of those adorable features.

Then I couldn't resist putting this sweet girl in some green.

I loved being able to give mom some clean neutral portraits of her baby girl. These keep baby in focus with not so much fuss. Sometimes it's great to strip back all the props and prints and just focus on baby.

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