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Your Inner Goddess: How Boudoir Empowerment Sessions Can Help You Find Her & Why That's So Important

There are photographers that will call these sessions different things and by different names. But for me a boudoir or empowerment session is any session that is meant for a woman to reconnect with her own inner goddess. There are so many ways to help a woman discover a sort of enlightenment in herself and what makes her uniquely gorgeous inside and out. During a boudoir session, I channel the different ways of bringing your best self forward. (I want to note that throughout this I will be talking about women specifically, but the same can be applied to men who need to find their inner prowess.)

Trust & Vulnerability

Most women have spent their lives building up walls & emotional defenses around themselves. Society as well as specific people in our lives have fed us lies about what perfection is and should look like. We as a species see what we lack and focus on those so called short comings. But, in a journey of self love, we don't ever strive for perfection because, let's be honest, Barbie is boring and kind of a bitch. No, your journey to finding that inner goddess of yours should start with being vulnerable. Start stripping away anything that that doesn't feel right and true to you deep down. What better way to being vulnerable than to be half naked in front of a camera for an empowerment session?

The second key to starting that inner goddess journey is being vulnerable with someone you trust. You get to be your true unfiltered self in front of someone who sees you for your beauty inside and out. You see, I was drawn to photography because I have innate ability to only see the good in others. Sometimes a curse in my personal life, this talent has helped so many women see what I see. I remind women of all their gorgeousness even if they perceive some it as flaws. Which brings me to the next step of your inner goddess.

Screw the "Standards of Beauty"

If you've been bleaching your hair because "blonde is better" but looking in the mirror is like looking at someone else or it's destroying your hair - go red or brown or effing blue. Have you been killing yourself to loose that last 15 pounds, but it just won't come off? Your body might just want that last 15 right where it is and besides who's to say you don't look better with that right where it is? Do people tell you you're too quiet or that you need to be more fun? Or maybe you're too loud or you party too much? Screw those people and what they think YOUR life should be.

I follow a very simple rule in my life - no one has ever walked a mile in someone else's shoes nor could they ever so I try to never judge someone's appearance or personality traits. You and your life makes you uniquely who you are and my god, it is beautiful. Our own versions of what beauty is usually stems from what other people and society has told us along the way, but on your journey to finding your inner goddess you need to research and expose yourself to others. It will help you realize what you really find beautiful. This is of course a balance. We believe we are most beautiful when others express appreciation so straying from the norm is scary. But it will surprise you that when you feel yourself and carry confidence, that will speak volumes and appreciation and attention will follow.

In boudoir shoots, we focus on what YOU feel are your assets. The posing, lighting, outfits, accessories, and backdrop are all catered to bring out your beauty which helps you on your journey to finding that inner goddess.

All of those factors for your shoot are also steeped in sex which brings us to our next step.

The Sexy and Sensuous

I'm sure you knew sex was going to be brought up on your journey to your inner goddess. This is not a step about getting you to talk more publicly about your sex life but instead it's about owning it privately or publicly. Sex is important in physical and mental health. It lowers blood pressure, helps reduce stress, boosts immunity, and so much more. Controlling your sensuous and sexy side is a key part in unleashing that inner goddess. Being seductive and provocative is empowering. Yes it's scary sometimes to again be vulnerable enough to act like you might actually take what you want. But fuck is the reward worth it.

During an empowerment session, I help you bring out that seductive nature that you have in you. Sometimes it's right at the surface and I help you hone it for the shoot. Other women have it buried and by the time we reach the middle of the session it's out in full force. Sex is an important and fun part of life, embrace it and love it.

Inner Goddess

Owning all that makes you, you. Loving your gorgeous self and your self-proclaimed flaws. Being vulnerable, courageous, confident, sexy, seductive. It's all part of letting your inner goddess out. I know it's not a part of yourself that you can necessarily let the world see not to mention having her out 24/7. But finding her and letting her out of her cage every now and then will do your spirit and life a world of good.


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