You're ready to capture your unique beauty and femininity with a boudoir photoshoot. It's a wonderful way to celebrate your body and embrace your confidence. In this guide, I'll provide you with helpful tips and advice on how to get ready for your boudoir photoshoot. With this guidance and your natural beauty, we'll create images that you can treasure forever.

After you book

Client Closet

Go through my photos on the website or in the private Facebook group to see what you may like for your lingerie and outfits. You can also find inspo on Pinterest and I may just have something similar.

Photo INspo

If you see photos you love anywhere (whether it's for location, pose, outfit, etc.), screenshot and send it to me. Tell me what you love and what you hate. That way I can plan your session specifically to you.

Hair & makeup

Decide if you want to do your own hair and makeup or if you'd like a professional. I do offer professional hair and makeup for some of my sessions or I can recommend someone close to you. You want to book this as soon as you have a date to ensure a spot.

keep in touch

Keep in touch with me and share your thoughts. Ask me questions, tell me your likes, your favorite colors, etc. I like hearing from you and how you're doing. 

The week of your shoot

Mani & Pedi

We will be photographing your hands quite a bit and there is a possibility of your toes showing in a few images depending on poses. A mani & pedi is completely up to you but I don't want you to be surprised when we feature your nails. 


I ask that you bring your favorite bra that makes you feel super sexy as well as your favorite pair of black panties. We may use these to supplement different options I already have.

Sip, Sip, Hooray!

Drink lots of water and avoid super salty food if possible. Feeling hydrated and not swollen from salt will help you with all of these poses.


The day before, take a nice relaxing bath or shower and get a great night's sleep.

Wash your hair if you are getting your hair done the day of the shoot.

The day of your shoot

Special props

Remember to bring along any special items, such as your wedding ring, partner's shirt, or wedding veil you want included in the photos. 

LIttle things

Wear clear deodorant, moisturize legs & arms, and have clean face if you are getting your makeup done


Wear loose clothing to avoid marks across your waist (and no tight socks). If you'd like to include shoes in your photos, you'll need your own as I don't have a shoe closet. 

have fun

Have fun and enjoy the process. Capturing these gorgeous pics of yourself is an empowering and one of a kind experience.