As a proud mother-to-be, you want to capture this special time in your life with beautiful photographs that you can treasure forever. I understand the importance of capturing the unique beauty and grace of maternity, and I'm dedicated to helping you prepare for your photoshoot. In this guide, I'll provide you with helpful tips and advice on how to get ready for your maternity photoshoot. With this guidance and your stunning maternal glow, we'll create images that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime.

After you book

Client Closet

Go through my client closet on my website or my social media and pick your favorite looks. You can contact me to set up a try on session if you're nervous but I have something for everyone.

Photo INspo

If you see photos you love anywhere (whether it's for location, pose, outfit, etc.), screenshot and send it to me. Tell me what you love and what you hate. That way I can plan your session specifically to you.

Hair & makeup

Decide if you want to do your own hair and makeup or if you'd like a professional. I offer professional hair and makeup for some of my sessions or I can recommend someone close to you. You'll want to book this soon so you can ensure your artist.

keep in touch

Keep in touch with me and share your thoughts. Ask me questions, tell me your likes, your favorite colors, etc. I like hearing from you and how you're doing. 

I can also help you style any other family members joining into your shoot.

The week of your shoot

Mani & Pedi

We will be photographing your hands around your bump and there is a possibility of your toes showing in a few images depending on gowns. A mani & pedi is completely up to you but I don't want you to be surprise when we feature your nails.


Skin tone or pink/red undergarments are recommended for your session. Strapless bras are easiest but we can tuck straps if necessary. Keep in mind that some of the gowns have a lower neckline when selecting a bra. Seamless, solid color panties are preferred but I'll make what you have work.

Sip, Sip, Hooray!

Drink lots of water and avoid super salty food if possible. Pregnancy swelling can set in at this time, so water intake is important for you to feel great during your session.


The day before, take a nice relaxing bath or shower and get a great night's sleep (or as best you can with your bump). 

Wash your hair if you are getting your hair done the day of the shoot.

The day of your shoot

Special props

Remember to bring along any special items, such as your wedding ring, partner's shirt, or baby's clothes you want included in the photos. 

LIttle things

Wear clear deodorant, moisturize legs & bump, and have clean face if you are getting your makeup done.


Wear loose clothing to avoid marks across bump. Bring shoes that are easy on and off like slides or sandals. Most photos I recommend being barefoot if we can see your fee so loose sandals are best to be able to take them off without leaving marks.

have fun

Have fun and enjoy the experience. Capturing these special moments will be worth it in the end.